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Web3 Trust Network
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Are you tired of facing crypto scam all the day?

Mookat is the solution you've been searching for, we prevents
scams and helps protect against fraudulent smart contracts.

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what moonkat do

Transaction Simulation
The ultimate tool to help you easily understand smart contracts and what happens after accepting transactions.
Asset Exchange
Assets Approval
With Assets Approval feature, you can review and approve any assets you plan to transfer, make sure every approval is under control.
Assets Approval
Decoding Signature
Moonkat also decodes dapp signatures, showing you exactly how assets can be sent and received after signing message.
Signing Signature
Report System
Report suspicious addresses while interacting with smart contracts to keep the community safe.
Report System

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Do I need to provide my secret phrase?

No, Moonkat will never ask for your secret phrase. (In fact, you shouldn't give it to anyone.)

How much does it cost to use Moonkat?

It’s totally free.

What chains and wallet does Moonkat support?

Currently, we support MetaMask on Ethereum Blockchain, and will support other chains and wallets in the future.

What are the benefits of reporting malicious smart contract and projects?

Moonkat encourages all users to report malicious smart contracts to prevent fraud in the community. The team is also working on tokenomics to reward users who report!

Why do I need to connect to my wallet?

Just like you need to use email to log into a regular app, by connecting your wallet, we can identify different users and give them the appropriate services and notifications!


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